Monday, March 7, 2011

Princess Naomi & The Magic Tea Set

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Naomi.  Naomi loved nothing more than playing dress up and having tea parties. She would dress up in her fanciest clothes and have make believe tea parties with her dolls. One day Naomi's granny called and told her that she had a special surprise for her so Naomi went over to her granny and Papa's house. Naomi was so excited! She couldn't wait to see just what the special surprise was. When Naomi walked into granny's room, there was a gift with shiny pink wrapping paper and a big purple bow on top! Naomi opened the pretty box and inside was one of the best presents she had ever seen! It was a REAL tea set and it was so pretty! Naomi couldn't wait to play with it. Granny told her that she would make some real tea to put in it but Naomi was too excited to wait for the tea to be ready. Granny said she could go ahead and start her tea party and once the tea was ready, she would bring it to her. Naomi rushed upstairs to her playroom to have a real tea party with her favorite dolls. First she had to place her dolls in each of the chairs at her little table then each doll had their own little cup and saucer. Once she had everything set up, she was ready to fill each cup with the 'make believe' tea. As Naomi began to pour the pretend tea into the first cup, she was very surprised because real tea came out of the spout. How could this be? Granny hadn't put the real tea in there yet. She went around the table filling up each cup. The tea was warm. maybe granny had brought it upstairs and she just didn't notice. That must be what happened she thought. Naomi took a sip of her tea and it was the best sweet tea she had ever tasted. As she sat her teacup down, Naomi noticed she was wearing white princess gloves. They were very pretty but she had never seen them before now. As she looked up at the mirror across the room she saw that she was wearing a beautiful princess gown and a sparkling crown! She couldn't believe it! "You look very nice today Princess Naomi" said a little voice across from her. Naomi looked over and seen her favorite doll Lauren smiling and looking up at her. "Did you just talk?" Naomi asked her doll. The doll shook her head  "Of course, Princess Naomi, I love talking to you." Just then Naomi heard a trumpet outside. She ran to the window and she seen her Papa dressed up in royal clothing. Naomi decided to go outside and see if she could figure out what was going on.
She grabbed up Lauren and out the door they went. 

When Naomi and Lauren got outside, Naomi noticed that Papa and Granny's house didn't look like it did before. Now it looked like a castle and there were beautiful flowers everywhere. It was the prettiest place she had ever seen. She decided to go across the golden bridge. On the other side of the golden bridge, there was granny watering the beautiful flowers.  Naomi asked her granny what was going on. She had to be dreaming. Granny laughed, "Whatever are you talking about dear?", granny asked, "Everything is as it should be."  With that being said, granny gathered up her watering pail and flew back to the castle. "You girls have fun!" granny yelled as she flew away.  "Did my granny just fly?", Naomi questioned. "Yes", answered Lauren, "All the fairies fly, even your fairy grandmother." 
All of a sudden two bunny rabbits came racing around a tree sraight towards Naomi and Lauren. "Oh my" said Lauren, "those hyper bunnies are at it again. "Do you know them?" Naomi asked. "Yep, that's Isaac and Carter", Lauren answered, "the most hyper bunnies in all of Papa's Palace."  Isaac and Carter ran around and around Naomi's legs. "Excuse me, you are making me very dizzy", Naomi said, "could you please be still?"  Both bunnies began bouncing up and down. "We cant be still", said Isaac. "Being still isn't fun" said Carter. "Besides," Isaac said, "we are trying to find someone to help the little fairies."  "What's wrong with the little fairies?" Lauren questioned.  "They can't fly", Carter answered. "Aw, we have to help them," said Naomi, "show us where they are."
The bunnies showed Naomi and Lauren the pathway that lead to the fairies then went bouncing away. When they got to where the fairies were, it was easy to see that they were upset.  "I just don't get it. This fairy dust won't stay on my wings!" exclaimed the little pink fairy.  She sprinkled more from her little pouch onto her wings and jumped off the stump she had been sitting on. She didn't have any luck. When she jumped, the fairy dust fell off and both the dust and the little pink fairy went right to the ground. "I don't know what is wrong, it always works for tinkerbell and the rest of fairies on tv," said the little purple fairy. "Oh, don't you get me started on that Tink. She's such a show off," the little pink fairy said as she dusted the dirt off of her little skirt.
Naomi spoke up, "Um, why don't you try sprinkling your dust under your clothes so the dust can't come off?" "We already tried that", said the little purple fairy, "but thank you for trying to help".  "Your welcome" said Naomi. "Are you from Papa's Palace?" asked the little pink fairy. "I'm not sure", answered Naomi, " I believe I may be dreaming." "Well, you can't be dreaming", the little purple fairy said with a smile, "because your eyes are open." Naomi told the fairies about the tea set and her tea party and how everything changed. The fairies were full of questions. "what's a tea set?", asked the little purple fairy. "Can we have a tea party?", asked the little pink fairy. "Can I have a tea pot?", asked the little purple fairy. Naomi laughed. "Okay, okay, "she said," we will have a tea party." the little fairies were thrilled. "Yay!" they exclaimed. Naomi was glad that the fairies were happy. They had been so sad about not being able to fly. Suddenly, Naomi had a great idea that just might help the fairies fly. She asked to borrow some of their fairy dust then she went back into the castle and baked some cookies to go with their tea party. Once the tea and cookies were ready, she set the table. The little fairies were so excited when Naomi called for them to come in.  The hyper bunny rabbits decided to join the party too. Naomi told the fairies she had some special cookies for them to eat along with their tea. When the little fairies began eating the cookies, they began to float out of their chairs! "We are in the air", The little pink fairy yelled. "We can fly!" squealed the little purple fairy. "How are we doing this?" asked the little pink fairy. "I put the fairy dust in the cookies so they are in your belly now and can't fall off your clothes." Naomi explained. "Wow, you are the best Princess Naomi! We love you!" said the fairies.  "You saved the day Princess Naomi", Lauren said with a smile. "Let's have ourselves a tea party" Naomi said. Naomi looked around the table at her new friends. She really liked being at Papa's Palace but she missed how everything used to be too. She reached for her cup of tea and took a sip. when she sat her tea cup down, she was back in her playroom. She got up and ran to the window. Everything had went back to normal. She went over to her favorite doll Lauren and whispered in her ear. "Lauren, can you hear me? Can you talk?"  Just then, there was a knock at the door. "Naomi, the tea is ready for your tea party", Granny said. Naomi opened the door to her playroom. "That's okay Granny", Naomi said as she gave her granny a big hug, " I think I've had enough tea for one day."

The End

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